Concert Ulster Accordion Band


The Ulster Accordion Band was originally founded in 1954 by a group of immigrants from Northern Ireland to provide a social community for new arrivals in Canada and to foster the love of band music among its members.  

The members come from all over Canada and abroad.  None receive any financial compensation as it is a voluntary organization.  It has always been a non-political, non-sectarian and self-supporting organization.

The accordion that is played by most members is the 23 button British Chromatic Accordion.  It has two rows of treble keys tuned to B and C and is frequently referred to as the ‘Irish Accordion.’ The accordionists are divided into sections that play different parts of the music, namely melody, tenor, baritone and bass.

The band performs at many functions throughout the year all over southern Ontario and beyond.  

Welcome Ulster Accordion Band and thank-you for keeping the sound of accordions alive for so many decades!

Participant Ulster Accordion Band1
Participant Ulster Accordion Band2

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